Happy New Year, Football Lovers! May 2020 keep you happy, but…


Farewell 2019, Goodbye, Adieu … shall we regret you, I wonder? A year ago there were Hope, Expectancy, Changes incoming, but what was it all about?

VAR… how a word of only three letters can bring so many debates, hope and despair, nobody knows. The damned thing worked well in the World Cup the year before, so VAR welcome to England !

Alas, sometimes people forget that video has never the last word, it’s the human in front of the  screen who decides and the unfortunate supporter who celebrated his team ‘s beautiful goal, has only tears to shed.

Not only that…the offside rule and the handball are killing the game; ask Spurs about their  Champions League Final,  when the game ended after  only two minutes played, or Manchester’s City heartbreak in the CL quarter-final when their qualification goal was ruled out (offside) It was the right decision but it gave so much misery to their fans !

So what, should we come back to the ancient times and let the referee decide? It could be a good solution if football was played like several decades ago; it was not as quick as nowdays and one must admit that the players do their “thing” more intelligently than their predecessors.

It’s obvious that several aspects of “that thing” does not work properly, so let’s call a truce and send back the tv’s and the people handling them to the factory  for a new upgrade !

Racism and homophobia have also raised their ugly heads but not only in football…let’s not forget that these people have the same behaviour in their every day life; maybe the real football fans can do the works and kick it out of the stadium, it won’t be much but if a racist who comes in a game  and knows that he will be kicked out asap, maybe,  just maybe he’ll have second thoughts about being racist. This is the work of every real football fan not only the stadium stewarts !

Football: sometimes funny, sometimes irritating, sometimes sad; players dying, young and old supporters too…dear faces never to be seen again. Managers ousted(but with very good indemnities) EPL’s speciality this year! Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton, West Ham are some of the casualties and there’s no doubt that the axe will be on, sooner or later !

Football games, are very different and that’s why the fans are addicted for 90 minutes or more, but how about these 160 unfortunates who went to a game, only to leave the stadium after 45 minutes?

Town, who are bottom of Hellenic League Division One East and won just twice all season, travelled to second-placed United.  Town’s players, who ply their trade in the 10th tier of English football, decided they had had enough and refused to come out for the second period(after conceeding 8 goals!).

“In my 30 years of football I’ve never known anything like that to happen,” United secretary John Blackmore told BBC Sport.

Football…what are you going to give us in this new year? Will 2020 be Liverpool’s triumph , who’s going to win the Euros in Wembley(England, we’re watching you) after last year’s Champions League Final between two teams who came out from nowhere, are we set for some new surprises ?

There’s so many events happy or hearbreaking to find out, a year won’t be enough !


PS : Many thanks for your fidelity to the blog , wishing you a wonderfull new year 2020 !


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