“Dearest Poch” A love letter to Pochettino


Dearest Poch,

this is a love letter, not from the blogger, but from a Tottenham’s faithful sufferer; (calm down Karina, there’s nothing between me and your husband, I only fall for blue eyed blonds!) Nevertheless, I fell in love with a pair of velvet brown eyes during the unforgetable night of the Finale, our last day at the old Lane…Happy days!


I always supported our players and the coaching staff, because you know, the badge, etc, etc. Curiously enough, this time I didn’t only admire the Manager, but also the person, the man behind the badge. Let me tell you that was a funny feeling, for the first time I’ve seen you it was at the Parc des Princes, PSG’s stadium and you were very much a beast in a porcelaine store. I was really concerned about your opponents’ well being!

It’s not common to find someone like you, so open, sincere and yes, loving! That love shone through your staff, your squad and most of all, us the club’s faithful! Brown eyes, indeed…

Now you’ve gone with no last goodbuy, no explanation either. What went wrong with the chairman Daniel Levy? He was more than your boss, you two were friends, there’s a story behind this, but who’s going to breach the law of silence? I would very much  like to hear your side of the events but will you ever ?

I often thought of you as our Ferguson, the man who won everything for Manchester United. They had to wait more than five years for their first trophy but after that , their cabinet was full! Shouldn’t we be a bit more patient and give you at least until the end of the season ?

Yes, I know…questions, questions! Ah if only you could answer ! I just hope that you’ll soon find what you’re looking for and see your “happy smile” bloom again…the sooner, the better!

Now here’s the difficult part: it’s time to say goodbye, but you know what? No way, I’ll never say goodbye to you, but I’ll settle for an  aurevoir(see you) because it will happen, don’t know when but for sure I know where!(in our usual place, you know N17!)

sincerely yours




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