European Qualifiers or When Football Lose More Than A Game !

Is  Football,  as one of the biggest and more powerful industries in the world,  playing an over rated role  about the eradication of racism or  just  is an important part of our society, enable to show the much needed responsability for the changes wished and expected by the general opinion?

The game in Bulgaria (Bulgaria vs England 0-6) is the perfect example that racism is under-rated by the likes of FIFA, UEFA and many local authorities. When a person is racially abused the case  should be treated not only  with banners “No to Racism” (while allowing the game  to continue) but with acts, like closing the stadium or even closing  the stadium for several games.

Now, the hidious scenes during the Euro- qualification game twice interrupted,  it’s like the tree hiding the forest. Racism is alive and well in several European countries, starting by the United Kingdom: several English newspapers , yes the same who thrashed more than once  Raheem Sterling some months ago,  are now  heralds of virtue for they found  another scapegoat to treat and make money after it.

Racism has not been kicked out, no matter about what the journos  are saying….would it be as long and hard, like reaching the unreachable star or FIFA, UEFA,  the public  and the politicians will at last take their responsabilities, working together to eradicate that curse who strikes young and old, men and women in every country?

The time is NOW !

Football and racism don’t mixe but then Football and politics do not mixe either…another disgusting behaviour from the Turkish football team. Listening their national anthem, military salute from all of them, bench included in Albania,  wasn’t enough. They did it again in France despite UEFA’s warning. They said that it was their way to support their (war criminal) president and their army, yes the same army who’s killing innocent unarmed civilians in Syria!

Will they lose points or more? Don’t hold your breath, maybe they’ll get a small fine despite that in football teams do not have the right to mixe politics and sport, but why should they care… they know that UEFA  doesn’t like scandals, so if they lose some points they’ll claim to be the innocent victims of the “bad looser” France, ok it’s a free country(but what about the Kurds?)

They were so desperate to show that France and Frenchs were  even worse that they posted a picture of Antoine Griezmann, making the french military salute to Emmanuel Macron. The picture was taken at the Elysée Palace, the home of the French state during the ceremony of the Légion d’Honneur, with  100% French guests after the World Cup.

Someone tell them that there’s no comparison with an official sports  event in a foreign country when the guests must obey their hosts’ rules like  the International ones. If not , they should stay at home and even more join their army and find some children and women to kill !

It should have been a nice international break… instead football showed again its dark side, marring several good things like inpired goals and some incredible saves, but that, it’s another story!



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