FIFA WORLD CUP WOMEN 2019 : Interested ?

The   Women’s World Cup is on its starting blocks… would it be the start of a love affair between the female footballers and the football fans ?

Are the girls on the brink of achieving the unthinkable, only a few years ago ?  This is not about feminism is about equality; it’s time for the female footballers to reach the same popularity as any other woman competing in Athletics, Tennis or Gymnastics. But in Football, the most popular of sports, women are second best and always obliged to show that they indeed know how to play the game.

At last things are changing…no more doctors  forbidding the game for it could made the girl sterile, put her health in danger and prevent her to find a suitable husband !                                                      Television is changing too; tv’s big bosses are now interested , because sponsoring and money are on their way… this competition will bring new sponsors and an increased sale of jerseys, t-shirts and other memorabilia. Will this “sport-business” be the price to pay for the girls to reach at last a higher level and approach the Men’s Everest in wages and notoriety?  TF1 the french tv , bought the WC  tv rights thirteen times less than the  Men’s WC . In fact, this interest about the female football  and the money in stake, can be explained by the fact that  more than  half  of the humanity are females. Maybe this tournament will be the beginning of an improbable equality, who knows…

The public will be present and this is good news; almost a million tickets sold and fourteen  of the fifty-two games are already fully booked. But still the truth hurts:” Nowdays the Women’s football does not bring enough money  so it’s dependable from the Men’s money” said Nicole Abar, a former international player, “but if there are fifteen millions tv viewers  watching the game, then this would convince the economical partners to invest.”

Reaching the stardom, at least for the most charismatic players, could also help install the women in the international level and show to the little girls watching the game with their parents that football is not “a boys’ game”. Changing the mentalities will not be an easy job, especially in the countries where women’s rights are on the minimum level and will surely not stop the abuse and the sexism attacks in the others, the road to equality is a long one but at least , it exists!

The Women’s football is not like the Men’s; it has his own existence and shows another way to enjoy the game. Nobody’s asking the male footballers to justify their status before a competition, so why demand that to the female players? They have nothing to prove, the truth is and always will be seen on the pitch.

Hey, this is the 21st century…maybe it’s now the time to go forward and hope that all this  pressure will be the secret ingredient of a successful World Cup. The teams who will emerge until the Final will be the ones using the pressure to shine in every game. It also will be a question of leadership and togetherness…eeerrr like it does for their male colleagues.

It’s now their time  to shine and they have in this year’s World Cup the perfect setting!


Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
 France (3) (hosts)
 United States (1)
 Germany (2)
 England (4)
 Canada (5)
 Australia (6)
 Netherlands (7)
 Japan (8)
 Sweden (9)
 Brazil (10)
 Spain (12)
 Norway (13)
 South Korea (14)
 China PR (15)
 Italy (16)
 New Zealand (19)
 Scotland (20)
 Thailand (29)
 Argentina (36)
 Chile (38)
 Nigeria (39)
 Cameroon (46)
 South Africa (48)
 Jamaica (53)


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