Mauricio Pochettino, Will He Be The Future Mr Tottenham ?

Tottenham’s faithful cannot  wait for the moment when they’ ll be able to sing again in their brand new stadium, one of their favorite songs  “Mauricio Pochettino, he’s magic you know” for since his arrival in the north London club (2014)  Mauricio Roberto Pochettino Trossero, “Poch” has won not only their admiration but most of all the fans’ support and shall we add…love ?

It’s true to say that since his arrival from Spain, , he won nothing, only some” Best Manager of the Month” (10/2013, 09/2015, 02/2016 , 04/2017) plus London Football Awards Manager Of The Year 2018-2019. Nevertheless the Argentine coach is on the top of several  clubs’ lists and it’s not just rumors. The Spurs manager is wanted not only because “he’s one of the World’s  Best, (dixit Pep Quardiola)” but even if he didn’t win any trophies at Spain’s Espanyol and England’s Southampton and Tottenham, his results say a lot . Clubs where the words “win” and “hard work” had lost their meaning they became clubs worth to watch. Pochettino’s character and personality were the main factors of that transformation for he never forgot from where he was from.

Son and grandson of  farmers , he learnt  very early about working hard for everything and anything; during those difficult times, football was the only ray of  sunshine he could find. But even then, life was hard at the Newell’s Old Boys, Bielsa was not the kind fairy  godmother for the fourteen year-old: work, work and again work…the same words that Tottenham’s players hear every day at the training ground! “If you are brave in the everyday life, then you cannot be different on the pitch !”

In his book ” Brave New World” the words, sincere, honest, faithful  and of course brave are in every page, thus  giving  an insight on Pochettino’s brain and character.  Being “brave” everyday, every moment, belief, be humble and once again, work hard; he’s so dedicated to his work that sometimes when his wife Karina  wants to see him she must ask for an appointment by phone !

“He’s magic you know”…yes he is, just ask England’s boss Gareth Southgate ; the Three Lions have so many Poch’s products in their squad! Kane, Alli, Dier, Rose, Trippier, Walker, Lallana, Shaw, Townsend... The Argentine boss made them progress,  all of them,  but there’s not only magic , it’s  hard work too.

Since his arrival, Tottenham finished fifth(the first year) then the North London club became a regular Champions League contender. Rumors about his leaving Spurs for another club in England or Spain became persistent, but the Argentine coach kept his cool:” I prefer that kind of news, than others saying that the club will sack me” he said tongue in cheek.

The new stadium will be a very important factor for the Spurs manager: ” we’re going to have one of the world best stadiums and facilities. We still have won no trophies but the work we started four and half years ago, will show us the way to glory; the trophies will come at the right time . In football is easier to destroy than built…yes, of course I want to win but we must wait the right moment“. The right time for Tottenham to be a great club, a great squad,  with a great Manager ?

Some fans have already changed his song; it now says, “Mauricio Pochettino, he’s Tottenham you know”!



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