Happy New Year, Football Lovers, but beware of what you wish for 2018 !


January the first, is a significant day all over the world, but in terms  of a football addict is the beginning of a well rehearsed song; winning more games, sign some exciting, but hopefully not too expensive players and last but not least, the same prayer”oh please, don’t let my favorite player leave the club!”Ah, all the good and the bad of the Winter’s Widow 2018 !

Here we go again! Another year is coming bringing new hope, misgivings about our planet’s future and for us football addicts many, many questions with or without response, but  “qui vivra verra” as the saying goes…

This will be an important year, for World Cup is just some months away and the Football World is waiting to see who will be crowned King/Champions of our blue planet! Difficult to predict which country will be blessed with that award, cos there are several teams full of world class players like the Brazilians and their all – stars international lads, their neighbors from Argentina boasting their  own talisman Leo Messi, the Germans( cos it’s them who win in the end …)!

In that list are added several outsiders, like France’s  talented youth (Pogba, MBappe, Dembele etc) and Spain have reserved their place too; also let’s not forget some others, like England captained by the best European goalscorer Harry Kane and of course the Russian hosts! Strange things can always happen, that’s the World Cup beauty, ladies and gents!

Already  several clubs are on a positive line to win their home championship: Manchester City (EPL), PSG(Ligue 1), Barcelona (La Liga), Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) are on their way up , while in Italy the suspense is on; a nice change after all these years of “Bianconeri” dominance.

Money talks, one might say; will we see a future made by big spender clubs, like those in England, Spain and France ? Neymar, MBappe, Pogba and so many others, will they erase the dreams of less fortunate clubs and never see a “small” club win a major trophy  like  Leicester did ?

This season’s Champions and Europa League games will be important, not only because of the quality of the  contenders ; they will be  also a crucial factor for the national  team selection; several countries have too many defenders or midfielders and if a player doesn’t give a 100% in every game,  he’ll watch the  WC games on  the telly!

The new year will start full speed for yes, the Winter window’s Wonderland will occupy all the front and back  sports media’s pages! Who’s gonna leave and who’s gonna stay? This is World cup year, so don’t expect  big names to leave for new adventures,  thus losing the warmth and security of their clubs; now players like Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez already out of the World Cup and the Champions League, could leave for an English or  an European big club to play at least one major European competition.

Of course some times the clubs’ faithful suffer from massive disillusionment; it’s not easy to see a favorite  player sign for another club or watch his own club sell a player just when they bought his jersey!

Nevertheless, be careful of what you want, football fans! Sometimes crying out loud for a player to leave your club could be a bad idea…for your wish could be fulfilled and  beware of the consequences! Do you remember Tottenham’s Paulinho, the fans outcast? He’s now having the time of his life in Spain playing alongside with Messi in  sunny Barcelona! So yes, beware of what you wish, grass is not always greener elsewhere!

One day the dictionaries writers will give a more accurate explanation of a”football fan” and then maybe, just maybe …but will the passion be part of the definition?

Because “passion” is the best description of a football fan; without it stadiums would be empty,  Skysports  and co bankrupt and week ends dull…

Before closing this last but first piece of the year, I’d like to thank you once more for your support to this blog, and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, Football Lovers !


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