AURIER or not AURIER : That’s The Question !


Did the defeat  against  Chelsea (1-2) at Wembley,  help Tottenham’s manager Mauricio Pochettino, to make up his mind about signing Paris st Germain reject Serge Aurier or just made the decision  easier for the Argentine?

Serge Aurier  wasn’t the most obvious signing for the North’s London club at least in the beginning of the Summer Widow sales. Other clubs were chasing the 24-year-old player, like Manchester United and Juventus and if the game played by the Spurs  and the English Premier League was at least on paper suitable for the Ivory’s Coast player, his legal troubles, his disputable behaviour and his frequent physical problems weren’t  giving a guarantee of success.

Chelsea’s victory over Tottenham showed that Kyle’s Walker departure to Manchester City  wasn’t totally compensated by the lads of the current squad; players like Kieran Trippier had some difficulties to keep up with  Marco Alonso’s powerful game and the arrival of the Ivorian will not only bring some competition to the right-side post, but will add instantaneous impact. Having both of them in the squad could help the Argentine boss in his quest of the most possible competitive team and an easy choice to adapt his philosophy; technique with Trippier, power and pace with Aurier.

The newcomer is also versatile, a very appreciated skill by any gaffer: he can play either at right-back, wing-back and right-hand side of a back three.

His impressive physical qualities are only equal to his offensive contribution; since 2012 no defender has delivered more decisive passes: 26 !

Alas,  all these qualities fade when the player is confronted to life out of the pitch; it’s impossible not to evoke the Periscope scandal when Aurier insulted his coach Laurent Blanc: homophobia, plain stupidity or  was he totally irresponsible?

How one can make insulting comments on Twitter about a referee and believe that nothing will happen? He was banned  by the UEFA from three Champions League games !

Like his coach, his teammates had also their share: Salvatore Sirigu was called “guez”(finished, useless) Angel di Maria”a clown” and Van der Viel”wetter than wet”!

In Ligue 1 match against FC Lorient, he was benched but when he was asked to substitute he went back to the dressing room to fetch his socks and spent more than ten minutes to get ready!

He also had his visa revoked by British authorities after his conviction of two months prison for assaulting a police officer,(now downgraded to a fine); nevertheless that first page scandal will be for ever in people’s minds, innocent or not.

He showed bravery and quick reflexes when he “saved” the life of Mali forward Moussa Doumbia (the player was knocked unconscious after a challenge against Lamina Kone) during the 2018 World Cup qualifier for the Ivory Coast by preventing the Rostov player to swallow his tongue. But this gesture was quickly forgotten after making a throat-slit gesture towards the crowd after his side scored a second goal in a 3-1 win. Incorrigible, isn’t he ?

So who is this new Spur? The proverbial “bad boy” / the lad “accident/trouble prone” a calamity for any well-run club or a young man who isn’t able to cope with his sudden celebrity, and all the bad/good things that bring?

Angel and Demon, he’s now obliged to leave PSG, his first love; a choice for another life in another club, in another country, a new life well away of that Periscope nocturnal session in February 2016, a question of image and the necessity to turn the page.

In any normal club the player would have taken the door ASAP, but PSG is not a normal club; Aurier was too  precious to get sacked,  so  after his punishment he was reintegrated  but the magic was gone. What a pity some could say, for Aurier had everything to please: talent, humor, a gifted athlete and most of all a geniously Paris lover.

Alas it wasn’t enough; to succeed one might need talent but most of all he needs to have a strong mind, be well surrounded and be able to  put a distance between him and  some childhood buddies/opportunists . Aurier hadn’t be able to meet these requirements.

At 24 is now the time to leave his Parisian adventure behind him and act like an adult; Tottenham offer a new adventure and the club’s gaffer is more than able to help/control  him to become a priceless player and a worthy person.

It’s not a secret that the club’s faithful are divided about their brand new signing’s  future attitude on and off the pitch; some of them are afraid of a potentially disruptive influence to a very clean dressing room, “( dixit Hugo Lloris),” some others give him the benefit of doubt… “Qui vivra verra?”

PSG’s supporters are delighted to get rid of him; good player, bad attitude said  most of them; one regret though…they would prefer to sell him, much,  much more than £23M !

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