Football Fans, Meet The Goalkeeper Who Conceeded 43 Goals In One Game !


Since when losing a football game,  are the players put under arrest by the local police force?

Germany’s Kreisliga C, a regional division is strikers’ heaven on earth; many games end by 10 and even more goal difference, offering good or bad memories to the local fans.September the 11th  PSV Oberhausen, first on the Division’s Table, took on   SV Vonderort(last on Division 10) expecting an inevitable win, even before the referee’s first whistle; SVV came on the pitch with only 9 players( reduced to 8 when their striker went out on injury) having on their shoulders -89 goals conceded and only+2  shot in their opponents net.

What happened next was quite exceptional; a goal almost every two minutes, a goalkeeper whose only feat was to  pick up the ball from his net, even in such a low division were interesting news for the local and national press. These news didn’t only arouse the football fans comments, but also the  police’s suspicion and curiosity, who  sent two heavyweight agents to collect the club’s goalie in the middle of the team’s training !

Marco Kwiotek, SVV’s unfortunate goalkeeper, left the training ground between his two guardians, still in his jersey and short, trying to re-assure his teammates by  telling them that after explaining the situation, he’ll would come back.

It seems that he didn’t stay long at the Police Station and his manager Yvonne Liesenfeld, said that this situation  had affected him very much. Nevertheless  suspicions  about illegal bets, are still very much alive and it would be interesting to hear the goalkeeper’s version, but since his release nobody has seen him, so how his team fare without their number one GK ?

Quite well, thanks; last week they lost only 8-0 !


                                                    SV VONDERORT


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