HAPPY NEW YEAR, Football Lovers ! Your Wishes For 2016 ?

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January the first, is a significant day all over the world, but in terms of a football addict is the beginning of a  well rehearsed song;  winning more games, sign some exciting but hopefully not too expensive player and last but not least, the same prayer” oh please, don’t let my  favorite player leave the club!” Ah, all the good and the bad of the Winter’s Window!


So last year is off, but  this time there won’t be only good, fond memories of last-minute wins and wonder goals. The terror invited its self in the stadiums,  the kamikaze exploding in front of the  Stade de France during the friendly between France and Germany, changed  for ever the football’s  perception.

CTx_KONWUAA1KaZ A game of football is not  now only a sporting event but a tool for some crazy people to hurt innocent fans and that in the name of some cruel God’s teachings. Wembley’s response was brilliant and unforgettable; all football supporters will be indebted to  that English response.

2015 was a year between the World Cup in Brazil and the Euro 16 in France, but nevertheless the journalists  had lots of subjects to write about;


the eviction of Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini the “Big Bosses” of FIFA and UEFA  from every football event  made big titles in all the newspapers and it’s still the start; more to come, can’t wait !



Will Real’s Madrid French international Karim Benzema go to prison or not ? His case (blackmail) is on the hands of the justice and for the moment the player is banned from the national team and his participation in his country’s Euro is very improbable, indeed.

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There were many gossip/football stories, but fortunately some others, 100% sport: Ronaldo vs Messi as usual, the emergence of Barcelona’s trio, Messi, Neymar, Suarez the famous MNS and guess what? During this year Suarez didn’t bite his opponents, not only once ! Cataluna’s climate must benefit him, mmm …

The English teams failed “encore” to reach the top eight of Europe’s best teams; how come when EPL is the best league in the world and also the most wealthy ? So many questions, so many hope and anguish already written but not yet read by the mere mortals that we are. Be patient for time will come sooner than later!

This year’s first event will be the Winter Window sales and  @fcommefootball, will bring you the most reliable rumors and  confirmed signings.  Last but not least, many thanks for your support; may this new year bring you Joy, Health and lots of football souvenirs, Football Lovers!


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