A New Career for Zlatan ? Music Lovers, Here He Comes !



Zlatan stamped, waxed, books bestseller and now singer ? PSG’s Best Goalscorer of all times  proudly announced  that his version of Sweden’s national  anthem Du Gamia Du Fria, has reached 300.000 listenings; a new career for the Swedish Superstar ?


Last year the Swedish international became the first football player to be on the stamps of Sweden’s Royal Post-Office, a great honor indeed. Even more, during Sweden’s King and Queen  official visit  to  France he made the honors during the visit of the Royal couple at his playground,  PSG’s Stadium Parc des Princes.

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Commenting his entrée in the famous wax museum of Grevin, he announced that it wouldn’t be his last adventure; change the Eiffel’s Tower name  to his own, wouldn’t it be really cool ? Zlatan at his best but not only for …

PSG’s star is now the King of the Charts !  A Golden Album Winner for  interpreting  his country’s national anthem, no less ! This new version was produced by Max Martin (Britney Spears, Katy Perry) for last year’s adverting for Sweden’s car firm VOLVO. Yes, the one in which he was walking (almost) naked in the snow!


This is how he explained his version of the anthem, (“less boring that the original one” ) to the press:  “This new version is exactly what the country needed” he said “I hope  that my version will be the new Swedish Anthem, it’s  Sweden’s current image.” He also added : ” My father is  from Bosnia and Muslim; my mother is from Croatia and catholic. I was born in Sweden and I’m a Swedish citizen; no one can change that.Rumors say that it’s the most read anthem, cool isn’t ?




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