What’s going on with Manchester’s United Strike Force ? Is EPL Too Much For The Team’s Strikers ?










Three games, three clean sheets, a dream début to begin this season’s EPL marathon race, isn’t it? Well, things are not as bright  as they seem to be, not when the team scores only twice in three games and not when  one of those two  goals is  given generously by Spurs’ Kyle Walker(OG).

Manchester United, had several troubles in their recruiting during this Summer Window; dream players as Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) and Harry Kane(Tottenham Hotspur) declined politely but firmly any rumor about signing to the Red Devils while Pedro  (FC Barcelona) simply snubbed  them and signed to Mourinho’s Chelsea.


Nevertheless, the Old Trafford faithful enjoyed a good first month of the Summer Window Transfers; the club signed some well-known players and very promising ones: Memphis Depay(FW), Matteo Damian(DF), Bastian Schweinsteiger(MF), Morgan Schneiderlin(MF) and Sergio Romero (GK). Still, it isn’t enough; the team could do with a player with pace and international experience, like Pedro, but…#BewareOfMourinho


Could that be that Manchester United are not anymore the big club made by a Scottish wizard, Sir ALex Ferguson ? The  much feared Red Devils are now a team threatened not only by PL’s best, but also by the so-called lesser or average teams. Did sir Alex ‘s departure, doomed the club? His first replacement David Moyes, lasted only one season; Louis van Gaal is just beginning his second year and already moans and critic made their way in the newspapers, blogs and the fans social medias.

Two goals in three games, is of course quite alarming,  a real worry about the team’s goalscorers and their  charismatic Captain Wayne Rooney, leads the way: Last year the boy from Croxteth, scored 12 in 33 PL appearances;  his  last  one  was in April, nine games ago. He’s still a technical and tactical genius, but where is the best place for him on the team sheet ? A new debate for pundits and supporters alike; should he play center-forward, playmaker, winger?  Another challenge for the Englishman’s  14th season! Against Newcastle, Rooney reverted to the number 10 (67th), thus allowing substitute striker “little pea” Hernandez to play in front  of him, as a lone-striker.Unfortunately the Mexican player failed to convert the chance he created, thus leaving an open door to any other candidate for the  squad’s leading striker’s position.


Marouane Fellaini, is yet to feature this season, for he was suspended, but gave a solid performance during the first leg of United’s Champions League tie. Combine the two of them and pray that it works or leave Rooney play in front alone with Juan Mata’s support, just behind?  Mata’s performances as number 10 when he plays on the right-wing provide the highest goalscoring chances of any other United’s player. Man. U’s Head Coach believes that his Captain is multifunctional; van Gaal tried the player in several positions and the best one was  first the striker’s then ( the second ) the No 10. If Rooney stays  up in front, then how about a surprising  come back of a twenty year old Belgian, Adnan Januzaj ? The youngster gave a convincing performance against Aston Villa and vs Bruges as No 10. Very little used last season, Ferguson’s protegé is becoming a serious contender. He’s technical, but not  yet”a boss” on the pitch, like his teammate, Juan Mata.He’s also very young and lacks consistency.


However, Louis van Gaal insists that he’s quite happy with the squad’s strikers:”I have a lot of options,he said to the Daily Telegraph, I have chosen Chicharito(Hernandez) because he’s another type from Rooney, but we have also Fellaini, another type of player, then I have James Wilson and Adnan Januzaj, so I don’t think that we need another striker.”

Several rumors are sending off one of the strikers squad, Hernandez or Januzaj(on loan) thus changing the current squad’s future team sheet; should be done, September the first, at the latest.








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  1. Great write up, transfer window will be interesting as it unfolds in the premier league, particularly for united

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