Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris, Should He Stay Or Should He Go ?



Yes, this is another one ! Since the end of the season,  the Frenchman’s fans read more than a hundred publications about  his future destination. Hugo Lloris name was associated with France’s Champion  PSG, Manchester United and sometimes with Real Madrid.

The player’s interview given to French sports newspaper L’Equipe, set on fire rumors and already made deals. The French Captain, had only admitted that he would like to play again in the Champion’s League contest, a legal wish for a world-class player like him. His current club Tottenham Hotspur, is qualified for Europa League, but will it be enough for a competitor like the French custodian ?


Lloris has still 4 years left in his contract and a Gentleman’s agreement with the club’s chairman, Daniel Levy, but leaving White Hart Lane, will be a very hard task, (agreement or not), for Tottenham’s Master is very skillful in making deals to suit his own  wishes. Just ask Lyon’s chairman, Jean-Michel Aulas so gutted after Lloris (fire) sale, that he vowed  “not to do any more buisness with that wretched club.”

The Nizza’s born, is not keen for a return to his native land, but if Manchester’s United GK David De Gea leave for sunny Spain to replace Iker Casillas between the sticks of Real Madrid, Lloris will asset the situation with care, for not only the wages will be heftier, but also it’s an opportunity to join his childhood favorite club.

When he was a youngster, Tottenham’s number one goalkeeper was a fiery supporter (scarf and all) of Man. U  stars Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel and as the saying goes “Once a supporter…”  

If (BIG IF) there’s a demand, will he leave London, his favorite town for a less cosmopolitan city? There aren’t many french restaurants up there or gourmet joints for an  “Epicurean”  like the former Lyonnais.( Lyon is France’s capital of gastronomy). Yes, he’s rather a thin fellow, but he likes good food and drink, just like the rest of us.


There’s also France’s national team  to consider and all these international teammates who enjoy every year Champions League games, but he, their Captain is out of that élite. France’s boss Didier Deschamps, must find very annoying this question, the same in every press-conference;” Will Lloris, captain the team ?”  There aren’t many Spurs games in French TV and when people read the score and the great number of goals conceded by their national Captain,  they have some questions of their own, as “how can he be good, just see that score !”


Former France’s boss Raymond Domenech, he too, voiced his opinion:“Hugo must play in a big club; Tottenham, even Manchester United are good teams, but not as  big as Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester City” declared the man who gave Lloris his first number one jersey.  Needless to say that Manchester’s United and Tottenham’s faithful didn’t appreciate Domenech’s comments.

France’s Captaincy means a lot for the player, any player in fact and if Tottenham’s lack of results put in jeopardy this honor, then you can be sure that he’ll do everything to secure it. After all, EURO 16 is just around the corner !


For the moment the French custodian is enjoying a well-earned holiday in South France, with his friends and family, but  his agent is not holidaying at all;  he’s working hard to find the best deal for his client; what will it be ? QUE SERA, SERA….


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