Ezequiel Lavezzi, Tottenham bound ? Another Silly Season Rumor.


Silly Season is back with a new load of rumors and hey you know what, some of them could be true !

PSG’s Argentinian International is again on the move ! After last’s Winter Window failed transfer, here we go again; this time there’s no Spanish or Italian destination, but England and North London’s Tottenham Hotspur. Italian sports media  TuttoMercatoWeb understand that the Parisian player, is keen to re-unite with his countryman, Spurs Head Coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Good news / Bad news for Tottenham’s faithful? Two years ago, Paris paid the hefty sum of 30M Euros to sign him, but the 30-year old player, didn’t convince the club’s administration: irregular, poor football, ( 45 games played, 9 goals and 1 assist this season,) is not sufficient from a highly paid striker.

Furthermore his behaviour didn’t gain him any sympathy; coming back  from  his Christmas holiday, (3 days after the set date), missed the team’s training in Morocco, giving a false excuse (he wanted to spend more time with his children), when he was at an automobile rally, making the club’s Head Coach  Laurent Blanc, to qualify the players’ behaviour as “disgraceful” thus banning him from the team’s training , plus 2 games out and a fine.

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Nevertheless, El Pocho is a nice guy; he’s fun to be with, friendly with his teammates and a good asset to have in any dressing-room.  What a pity though to watch him play and miss to score, even when there’s nobody in front of the posts !

Last summer, some pundits explained that the  Argentinian’s lack of form was the result of a calamitous World Cup. Maybe there was some truth in these statements, but several months later, it’s still there. Watching him play is sad, for he’s miles away from the player he used to be. Burnt candle ?  Who knows ? That  hat-trick against Lille, was it just a painful highlight of what could have been if … or a proof that the flame is still burning ?

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Are Tottenham’s Masters serious about signing the Argentinian veteran? In that case they’ll need to offload Eric Lamela, Nacer Chadli or Andros Townsend, before signing Lavezzi. A new start in another League, could help the player’s mentality to start afresh a new adventure, but what about Tottenham ?  El Pocho, has still a good pace and a physique suitable for EPL, but is he better than the players previously mentioned ? PSG’s price would be something between 12-15 M Euros, too much to spent for 1 or 2 years  services of a Hypothetical World-class striker.

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Editor’s note : Lavezzi’s nickname “El Pocho” is his brother’s doing; they had a dog named”Pocholo”. After the dog’s death, his brother started to call him “Pocho” and that’s that.


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