How Well Do You Know HARRY KANE ?


Early in this season, Harry Kane was a young player, waiting  for the moment in which he could change his situation from a club’s future prospect to a place in the first eleven. Several months later, he became Tottenham’s main man and an emerging England star; how come?

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The 21-year-old player, has already  behind him a long journey, from Arsenal’s Academy, to Tottenham Hotspur via Watford, but   the native of Chingford, Essex  had always wanted to be a Spurs player. Born just five miles from White Hart Lane in a family of Tottenham’s supporters, the youngster attended Chingford Foundation and was noticed in an early age: at only eight he was playing for Ridgeway Rovers,(as David Beckham some years ago), when he was spotted by an Arsenal scout and spent a year in the club’s Academy, before to be released for he wasn’t big nor quick enough; Watford  let him go two years later for the same reasons. It seems that those two attributes are essential in the Youth Academies.


When Harry finally arrived at Spurs, was already a 11 year old but  he very much impressed Alex Inglethorpe, former Tottenham Academy director: “I saw Harry for the first time when he was 13  he said  and given that he’s  got a late July birthday, he was still playing catch-up with some of the group from a physical perspective. But  he was always a promising technician and a very genuine young man with a wonderful desire to improve. Harry was always someone who was going to get better, just by the sheer volume of work he was willing to do and by the mentality he would demonstrate on a daily basis to invest in himself; he became obsessive about his finishing in all its various forms and would dedicate a huge amount of time to improve these aspects of his game” recalls Inglethorpe.



This obsession about improving his game, followed him later, when he was loaned to Millwall: ” He’s a very good finisher, very good all-round game and we’re thankful to Tottenham for letting us have him, declared Millwall assistant boss, Joe Gallen. “I think he’s going to score lots of goals in his future. He loves football, he loves training – he gets annoyed when we pull him away from finishing training, because we are worried he’s going to get a thigh strain.”


When Kane made a spectacular début for England’s national team, scoring against Lithuania, just 79 seconds after entering the game, captured not only  the 80.000 cheering countrymen in the stadium and  the Tottenham’s fans, but the whole nation. England’s Premier League, lacks cruelly English-born players , thus leaving the country’s top league “owned by foreigners, managed by foreigners and played by foreigners” dixit Greg Dyke, chairman of the “Football Association” the English football governing body.”We  are simply not giving young domestic talent sufficient opportunities at the highest level  of English Football” he wrote in an opinion article, published by The Guardian.



Does it mean that if Adebayor and Soldado weren’t out of form, Kane would be still sitting on White’s Hart Lane bench ? Tottenham’s Head Coach Mauricio Pochettino, has likened the young English to Gabriel Batistuta and insisted he will be there to help him when things do not go to plan.

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What future  then for the young English player ? Will he be an overnight sensation or a long-time “goaleador” for club and country ?

It’s clear, that the 21 year old is not only good in scoring goals but he can also press the opponent’s defense. Being a “goalscorer” or a “poacher” is one of best attributes of the game, but scoring goals regularly is not something that a player can control.(see Fernando Torres or Roberto Soldado)He’s always under the stressing thought to score and for heavens sake not miss “an easy one !”


This lad shows his physicality by stretching the opponent’s  defense with  his endless running and his excellent passing. He can also dribble, shoot from outside of the box  and give playing  space to his teammates.

Nobody is perfect, so HurryKane has his weak points, too! He’s a young player, still working his skills; better shooting, better passing, better finishing, he just has to continue working as he already does and hopefully he’ll become as good as George Best ! BEST as the key word !

Here’s the player’s highlights :




and some stats !

Date of birth: Jul 28, 1993 in London  England
Age: 21
Nationality: England  England
Height: 1,88 m
In the team since: Jul 1, 2010
Contract until: 30.06.2020
Current club: Tottenham Hotspur
Position: Centre Forward
Current  National player: England  England
total14/15: 44 29 5 106 3.060
27 19 4 103 1.959
9 7 86 604
6 3 1 149 448
2 49


All the player’s transfers.
Season Date Moving from Moving to MV Loan Transfer fee
12/13 May 14, 2013 Leicester City Tottenham Hotspur 500 Th. € was End of loan
12/13 Feb 21, 2013 Tottenham Hotspur Leicester City 500 Th. € is Loan
12/13 Feb 1, 2013 Norwich City Tottenham Hotspur 500 Th. € was End of loan
12/13 Aug 31, 2012 Tottenham Hotspur Norwich City is Loan
11/12 May 1, 2012 Millwall FC Tottenham Hotspur was End of loan
11/12 Jan 1, 2012 Tottenham Hotspur Millwall FC is Loan
10/11 May 1, 2011 Leyton Orient Tottenham Hotspur was End of loan
10/11 Jan 1, 2011 Tottenham Hotspur Leyton Orient is Loan
10/11 Jul 1, 2010 Tottenham Hotspur U18 Tottenham Hotspur

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