Champions League : Monaco vs Arsenal (0-2) Players ratings and Highlights, Part II


It happened again ! Despite their 17th consecutive year of qualification for the most important European competition, the Gunners won’t reach the quarter final, just as the three precedent seasons ! Whose fault ?


Now, blaming the referee, would be the easy way ; blaming Wenger and his well-tied purse strings, with “WENGER OUT” signs, neither. Monaco’s boss Leonardo Jardim, spoke  quite rightly, about lack of respect and humility from the North’s London club and especially the players’.  This was plain to see  during  the first  leg. Yesterday, the best team won, with players playing their best game, but it was a goal too late.


When Wenger was asked his sentiment about the repeated exits  at the second round  stage, Arsenal’s boss said: “Yes, but sometimes we have been beaten by opponents who were in the final (meaning that Monaco, won’t be ?) Perhaps it would be better not to go out like this and make the Europa League, we would be more likely to win.” Seriously, who’s gonna buy THAT? Not the Arsenal’s fans, this is evident.


So, who was the best or the worst of the English team ? Here’s the players ratings.

David Ospina : 5/10

A quiet evening for the former Niçois custodian; Monaco’s players left him in peace to enjoy his teammates’ heroics.

Hector Bellerin : 5/10

He was there to tip Giroud for Arsenal’s first  serious attemp(24th), but afterwards he frequently gave stray balls, no percussion, some good defending though.

Per Mertesacker : 6/10

Awful at London, quite good against a feeble Monégasque attack force; no problem in defending and some nice long balls during the second half.

Laurent Koscielny  : 6/10

The French international, wasn’t overworked, just like his colleagues; good vision, stopped  easily Monaco’s  rare counters. Good game and quality reflexes concerning the set pieces.

Nacho Monreal : 5,5/10

A solid game, but sometimes his imprecision could have been harmfull  to the team. Not fast enough, Carrasco passed him, frequently. Subbed by  Kieran  Gibbs (82nd).

Francis Coquelin : 5,5/10

Pressing high, the midfielder had a solid game, as he usually does; a bit excessive, faults prone, but almost perfect distribution. Subbed by Aaron Ramsey (62nd) who scored the second goal(79th).

Santi Cazorla : 7/10

The Spaniard, was again one of the best and produced a good solid game up and down the pitch. He run down Monaco’s defenders, working hard between the enemy lines. Good work!

Danny Welbeck : 6,5/10

The English striker produced a good, interesting game in front of his team’s attacking schema; not only he produced some good situations for his teammates, but also, tried some dangerous shots, as the 37th one .Subbed by Walcott (71st) who added speed and showed his quality by touching wood (79th).

Mesut Özil : 6/10

The German international, played havoc several times with his opponents; he brough danger thanks to good transmissions and his excellent vision of the game. Unfortunately, even if he brought danger, he wasn’t decisive, bar a good free-kick(53rd).

Alexis Sanchez : 7/10

Very good game, from Chile’s international; he poisoned the french side, being always well placed and tried more than once to break Monaco’s defense.He almost won a penalty(42nd) but instead the referee booked him, for simulation.

Olivier Giroud : 7/10

Ah, the French international, had a lot of things needed to put straight, after his calamitous presence in London. Certainly he wasn’t the same man/player under the french sky. He tried hard from the first to the last-minute, scoring once (35th) and having some good chances for another one(13th 83rd). Good game for the Frenchman.

Here’s the game’s Highligts :


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