Zlatan’s Immortality, revealed !


There’s no doubt, that Sweden’s hero Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is already a world-famous legend; so after invading  France’s multi-million club, a book internationally exposed and a stamp collection featuring him, as the first footballer stamped on every Swedish postal envelope (or almost), having his wax statue exposed at the Grevin Museum (equal to Mrs Tusseau, in London) is it the last step to immortality?

AC Milan's and Sweden's soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic poses during a news conference on the occasion of the promotion of his autobiography "I am Zlatan", in Stockholm

The Parisian player, presided his statue inauguration and delighted  the public with a “Zlatanesque” speech.                 “It’s a big honor to have his statue in such a great Museum, like the Grevin, he said.The statue looks very much focused, just like myself on the pitch. It’s  great and I’m very thankful for the fantastic job done . I’m very proud to get this sort of recognition, especially as a Swede.”


The French Museum, based in the capital’s centre, is mainly dedicated to France’s VIP and historical personalities; the Swedish maestro, is only the second foreign footballer, after Brazil’s icon Pelé, to figure with  some other French sports celebrities, as Zinedine Zidane, Amelie Mauresmo, or Fabien Barthez.

There are several rules to respect, before  entering in this very exclusive  club, as the sport’s choice, the person’s popularity degree and most of all, a stand-out personality. “Ibrahimovic, had all the requirements” declared Veronique Berecz, Head of External Relations of Grevin Museum.

BnygfikIYAAhdwR (2)


“We contacted  Paris SG and had a first meeting with the player, the Museum’s sculptor and his team. We worked during two and a half hours, seeking the necessary information for the creation of the statue. Zlatan was very co-operative and afterwards  asked to take a tour, because even if he knew the Museum’s name, he’d never visited.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic PIC02


The Swedish star, was generally relaxed during the procedure, although he admitted that he was more comfortable on the pitch. The player didn’t ask for any special requirements, as some do (less wrinkles, for example) and he didn’t get paid, but the Museum’s direction offered him a small bust, a thank-you gesture for his amiability. Zlatan’s  wax statue, will stay exposed five years, at the  least.


Everyone knows that the Swedish star, likes to have the last word, so here it is :  “The next step ? he said. I don’t know… Maybe replacing the Eiffel Tower with an Ibrahimovic statue?” 

Well, you’ll never know !!!




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