Winter Transfer Window, is now closed ; Happy ?


A window closes, a door opens? After a month of rumors, media manipulation and hard cash cleverly or not spent, we’re still analysing the departures, the new guys’ arrival and yes, even the unfortunate who wanted to leave their club, but guess what? They’re still in !

The day after, is a bit like a hangover; after such a big dosage of alcohol, sorry, I mean”news,” feeling a bit down, is a normal reaction. This affects not only the supporters, but also the actors of this comedy/tragedy, the players themselves.

Who wouldn’t like to be a fly and watch some players’  return to their clubs training ground, after a failed transfer, or after some childish comments about seeking grass greener than their current one? What a homecoming !


Happy ever after, signings?  Do they exist? Some pictures show a different story; it’s difficult to pretend in front of the camera, make-believe that everything is fine, when you wish to be miles away !


Happy signings, exist; maybe not as many as the fans like to believe, but when a player realise his life’s dream, it shows! Of course sometimes is just ignorance about the manager’s will to give or not, some playing time to the newcomer  and that,  despite the smile and the handshake in front of the press!



HAPPY ! Tottenham’s homegrown, Harry Kane and Ryan Mason sign a new contract extension.


Nevertheless, happy or not,  the truth is and always be on the pitch, but maybe not for Sampdoria’s Samuel Eto’o, who refused the afternoon’s training and went back home, for his siesta-time! Already unhappy, after a week in Serie A, despite the Italian sun, pizza and spaghetti?

Hangover or not, happy or not, the  Winter Window is now the past; new adventures are just around the corner, Champions League, Europa League, National Cups, take your pick !

HAPPY ?  HELL, YES !  And you ?


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