Michel Vorm got the blues; whose fault?



                                                             Michel Vorm and Hugo Lloris, same job, same problems ?

Have you seen that player who stands alone between the sticks while his teammates celebrate their goal in the opposite side of the pitch? Yes, the same one who picks up the ball, after the other team scored; he isn’t even wearing the same jersey as the others, but the game’s loss, is always put on his shoulders, or more likely, his gloves! He’s not an ordinary player, goalkeepers seldom are, one  even can say that they are a breed of their own; the gloved men are very special indeed, last defender, but also first to start the team’s attack…

Michel Vorm, Tottenham’s second choice goalie, made public excuses, after he allowed Schlupp’s volley,( Leicester) bottle over him, at stoppage- time. He also saved twice his team, before that last-minute blunder, but who cares? Tottenham is out of the Cup and it’s all his fault. Of course if the ten others who were on the pitch, had scored more than a wee penalty, things would have been  different, wouldn’t they ?

This week, there’s another important game, away at Sheffield with  a Final at Wembley, at stake; number’s one choice name( Hugo Lloris) is now often quoted in the fans discussions, via Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Should he take Vorn’s place, to secure that much wanted trip to Wembley?

There’s a tradition about Cup games; the number two  goalkeeper gets  the call and an opportunity to play some rare games, during the season; Vorm should be expected to do his trade, but will  Head coach, Mauricio Pochettino, take that risk after last game’s howler? If he chooses Lloris, wouldn’t that put Vorm’s self-confidence into shreds ? Wouldn’t be better to let the number two, take his responsibilities and show that  what happened at the Lane was just an unfortunate incident?

Yes, but… Spurs are desperate for silverware; their last one, was ages ago ! Providing this joy to Tottenham’s faithful, is as important, as the financial side of it. A Final at Wembley, means selling tickets galore, shirts and scarfs, a big opportunity to boost the club’s  benefits.


The answer lies in Pochettino’s hands; damned if he chooses Vorm,( and the team lose) damned if he chooses Lloris, thus refusing a rightful second chance to Vorm! After all, Lloris makes faults, too ! So, who knows…

This is the Sport’s law, ladies and gents; let the best man win, but… well, being a goalkeeper, is not an easy job, so  let the Karma IN !

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