(Winter Transfer Window, Day 5 ) : WE ARE CHARLIE !







Hello, everyone ! Today, instead of football rumors and signings, I’d like to talk a bit about the liberty of writing, not only about football, but  any other subject, without risking to get killed.

What happened today in France, is the perfect example; Charlie’s people and policemen killed, not in the name of Freedom, but in the name of Fanatism and Hate. Did that put the French democracy in danger ?  Certainly not; on the contrary, people with different political, social and  religious beliefs, went to manifest their disapproval and pain, together, side by side. Unity, faith, respect, against Barbary, Friendship against Intolerance, is the only way to react.



This is a football blog, but where would we be, without the liberty to write freely our thoughts, or having fun about some players’ blunders and howlers ? Just thinking if…  If someone opens the Intolerance door, even  a tiny crack, then anyone, football players included, will complain about “bad reputation” and demand an immediate ending to whatever… So, keep open the door to Liberty and  the one of Intolerance, firmly closed.

Democracy, is the best way to protect our civilisation, in every country in the World. My thoughts and condolences,  are with the victims’ families and friends; who’d have thought that Writing, could be such a dangerous job ?






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