Happy New Year, Football Lovers !


January the first, is a significant day all over the  World, but in terms of a football club fan, is always the same wistful  song; winning more games, sign some exciting, but expensive player and last but not least,”oh God, please don’t let my team’s best player, leave for another club!”

New Year and Winter’s Window are inseparable and  will bring some good or bad surprises. This year, it began even sooner that the official set date. Premier League, as the name means, were the first to begin the hostilities, by sacking three managers ( Newcastle, Crystal Palace and West Brom Albion) . They won’t have any problems to replace them; there’s candidates galore, hoping for an interview! More,(maybe) will follow, like PSG’s Laurent Blanc,  for he’s not anymore irreplaceable !


Who’s going to stay, who’s going to leave, for a few weeks, news, rumours and wild suppositions will invade each square centimetre of Planet Internet. We aim to bring you only the most reliable ones et oh boy, it won’t be easy!

Let’s hope that Father Christmas, ( reliable sources understand that he’s a football addict) will realise all your wishes and much more ! Many Thanks to all of you, for your contribution, wherever you are (93 countries, five continents’ readers!)



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