To Boo or not To Boo : That’s the Question !


Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League

Last Sunday’s afternoon, was the perfect day for a football outing; the sun was shining, the sky was as blue as the club’s colors  and White Hart Lane was full of impatient supporters, waiting for the game to start.

This season, the Home games hadn’t left any good memories to the team and the club’s faithful fans. The defeat against Newcastle was still in all memories and even if the Spurs crowd were quite optimistic about the final score, doubts still persisted.


Was it because  a team so inconsistent, was able to produce some good (sometimes) feats ? Eric Lamela’s “Rabona”, Harry Kane’s and Ryan Mason’s  emergence brought some  reasons to believe and  hope to their long-suffering  supporters.

Two hours later, their bubble busted, the fans who courageously had stayed in the stadium, till the bitter end, as someone said, began to boo.

Those weren’t the first boos heard since the beginning of the game; the fans had booed Stoke’s goalie and some other players for time-wasting. Stoke’s  supporters did the same and that contributed to the stadium’s already toxic atmosphere.

Were the boos audible to the players ? After referee’s Mike Jones final whistle, the PA started blaring out with the amp up to 11 the latest hit parade song.

For whom were these boos ? The players, their coach or the club’s decision makers ? All of them? During the game the security men confiscated two banners with anti Levy slogans.BUxj7jBCMAALIN8


Anyhow the boos were heard and now the club’s supporters split between pros and cons are fighting each other; who’s right and who’s wrong ?

There’s no easy answer to that; fans who watched the game in front of their tv set at home and those who were at WHL, their perception it’s not the same. Just take a minute and think about all these men, women, children, young or old, all of them so happy to spend ( their hard earned money) that Sunday’s afternoon, watching their beloved team and what have they’ve got, instead ?

Of course, everyone knows that it’s only  a game and if there’s a winner, then there’s also a loser; that’s Sports cruel law. Tottenham’s logo is TO DARE IS TO DO ; well, nobody in the team justified it on the pitch. It wasn’t the first time and surely not the last, but it was the last throw for some fans. I’ m meaning those courageous enough to stay and watch their players leave the pitch, heads down, while Stoke’s fans and players celebrated a rightful victory.

When a team perform well the fans applaud; that’s fine, but if a team persist to play poorly, game after game, then what? applaud or boo ?

Tottenham’s vice-captain Emmanuel Adebayor, declared that the players now prefer to play Away from their own stadium, because of the fans’ booing. If the situation wasn’t that serious, it would be funny; the worst player of the team, the less dedicated, complaining about the supporters ? Is this the same man who after the cruel defeat versus Newcastle, invited their adversaries in the Spurs Dressing-room for a chat and exchange of shirts ? Is this the same man who kept everyone waiting for him to sub a colleague,  while he was taking his time to put on his boots ?


After slamming the fans in that interview, he changed  his  declaration (under duress?) tweeting how much appreciated the team’s fans and that he didn’t mean what he said; he’s really tiresome, isn’t he ?

Now, booing is not the perfect solution, but we live in democracy and people have the right to protest and not only about the squad’s failure, but  also about the decisions of the club’s administration. Let’s not forget that without the supporting crowd, no club, no players, no stadium ! They have the right to express their opinion.

Do  boos affect the players mental strength? Maybe for those who don’t deliver the goods on the pitch. It surely didn’t affect GK Hugo Lloris performances. In an after game interview he spoke out loudly, what every Spurs supporter saw during the game: “All the players want better results.We work hard every week but most important is the game and we need to show more. We need to keep working hard and to improve as a team and individually. At the moment, it isn’t enough.”


What’s your opinion ? TO BOO OR NOT TO BOO ?




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