Can Europa League be entertaining if not passionate?


Empty Stadiums, long journeys, unknown teams, less money to gain than C3’s big sister, known as Champions League, can Europa League  be at least entertaining if not passionate?

Previously called UEFA Cup, this year’s competition is the 44th season of Europe’s secondary club football tournament organised by UEFA and the 6th time since it was renamed to the UEFA Europa League. Starting from this edition, the UEFA League winners will qualify for the more subsequent  Champions League. Will that be enough to fill the Stadiums and tv’s spectators to stay and watch the games?


That’s not as easy as it seems; the clubs faithful they’ll be on their post, cheering or blaming the players and referees, alike. But concerning the rest of tv’s silent watchers and adverting customers, optimism is low. Whose fault? I’m inclined to blame the Champions League games; for two days football fans are in front of their telly watching Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and many other international stars. Who can blame them for watching their favorite tv show instead of some small league newcomer or a former great club, now playing second fiddle to their own league?


Can Europa League wake up passion  and become a part of the feast ? Not the kind of Lille versus Everton, obliging the anti riot police to take part in the event nor  St Etienne’s supporters invading the pitch, in Milano ! It seems not; on the contrary we may enjoy a game if not of A Quality but at least a nice evening’s outing .


The lucky or faithful Spurs supporters have the answer ; they spent a joyful evening, applauding, cheering and they were lucky enough to watch live the maybe best goal of the season(thanks Lamela!) Harry Kane’s hatrick wasn’t bad either. Even goalkeeper Lloris added some drama in the end of the game, not with one of his brilliant saves but getting red carted !  That’s entertainment !



Football is and always be between hope and despair, laugh and tears. That’s why we love it, but if UEFA have someday a brainstorm and decide to put C3 the day before C1 like a quality hors d’oeuvre , then who knows, Europa League  may become not only entertaining but also passionate .


Here’s Tottenham vs Asteras Tripoli highlights; Never get tired to watch Lamela’s Rabona.






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