Toulouse’s Ali Ahamada Tottenham bound ?


Goalie Ali Ahamada, Pochettino’s choice to replace Lloris ?

Ali Ahamada made his debut in the Hall of  Fame of Ligue 1 a warm night  at Toulouse Stadium. Les Toulousains, usually a quiet crowd, exploded in a crazy fury of kissing each other, shouting, even crying out of sheer happiness. None of them will forget the bright yellow dressed guy’s header who gave them a much-needed point (2-2) against Rennes in the last-minute of the game (95th min).


A goalkeeper who scores, is quite rare, but the 21-year-old,  had already played as a defender, midfielder and winger. This wasn’t his first goal but his fate changed one day, when  he replaced during an inter-tournament  the absentee goalie, saved two penalties and won the Final. A beautiful story for this Comorin French player but will this have a happy ending ?


Ali was born, August 1991 in Martigues, France, from  Comorin parents. He’s 23 and a big guy of 1.89m(6ft 2in) Between 2011 and today he counts 104 appearances with Toulouse( young and senior) and 11 with France’s  Under 21 national team.


After this feat, Toulouse’s coach, Alain Casanova, gave him the place between the sticks but a year later he regretted it bitterly; was the player too young to face Ligue’s 1 stress and the others goalkeepers  competition? For the young keeper made mistakes, galore. The worst  came, during a game against Rennes; (yes, the same team who put him on the top) 5 goals, 5 faults of the Toulousain goalkeeper. This was one of his last appearances. Casanova replaced him and he became from Hero to Zero ; it’s well-known that the fans can forget very easily, some times


So, is Tottenham watching closely a player that doesn’t play ? There are not the only ones; La Liga’s Valencia is monitoring him too. Ahamada is still young and  he’s very talented, when he’s emotionally in good  shape. At the end of the season, he’ll be free to choose his destiny. England or Spain ? One thing is sure; he won’t sign for a french team. He needs a change of scenery; will White Hart Lane be his garden?

If yes, there’s some questions who’ll need urgent answers; what about Hugo Lloris and new signing Vorm? If Lloris leaves next summer, will one of  these two be good enough to be Spurs first choice keeper?  Let’s hope that Levy and Pochettino have the right answer.

Here’s some Ahamada’s feats ; what do you think?

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