What’s going on with Zlatan? Aechilles cursed ?

Sweden's striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic watches from the bench during the Euro 2016 qualification match between Sweden and Russia at Friends Arena in Stockholm

   Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s mysterious heel injury; Aechilles  curse?

PSG’s supporters will have to wait a bit longer for Zlatan’s 100th appearance with the Parisian club. The Swedish international is still suffering from a heel injury contracted several weeks ago,  putting him out not only from Ligue 1 matches, but also from Sweden’s national team Euro qualifiers.

Zlatan-Ibrahimovic (1)

After five missed games with PSG, the mystery deepens; Invited to speak to the media, the doctor of the Swedish team, Leif Swärd, expressed his incomprehension. “We conducted several medical tests but this injury is inexplicable, he said. There are no signs of inflammation. The injury itself isn’t complicated, but we can’t find where it comes from. Zlatan is still in pain, but he’s able to put his weight on this foot. His condition is improving, but he can’t play under infiltration.” The Swedish doctor refused to engage any prognosis about the player’s  return and  his PSG’s French colleague did the same.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic PIC02


Paris’ french coach, Laurent Blanc, will face FC Lens with Edinson Cavani to replace Ibrahimovic. “Zlatan’s situation is evolving quite nicely, declared the former Bordeaux’s coach. Ibra begun a light training and he’s in progress, but I can’t  give you the date of his return to complete fitness.”

In fact, there are several rumors about the player’s injury, some of them implying Ibrahimovic’s state of mind , after goalkeeper’s Salvatore Sirigu declaration that “ Zlatan? Everyone can see that he’s not well in his head.”HD-Image-Ac-Milan-Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-Wallpaper

inflammation can take several weeks to heal and the best medecine is rest  and relax away from the medias. That’s what PSG’s Captain needs, but can the Swedish Magician, today aged 33, become an ordinary human ?


Here’s some Zlatanesque deeds :

Also a cartoon !

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