Adrien Rabiot, England bound ?No, PSG till 2O15


PSG’s midfielder, aged 19 is currently one of the best young french players. His refusal to sign a very juicy new contract with  the Parisian club open several options, especialy Italians and English.

Because of his height, Rabiot is very strong in the air and causes lots of problems for teams with smaller midfielders. He can also combine salvage relay and exploit the ball while reading perfectly the game’s development. He’s also blessed with an atypical register for a midfielder which delighted his former manager, Toulouse’s Alain Casanova:”I like his game, he said. Adrien is precocious, talented and has lots of technical qualities.”

Since the Quataris bought France’s capital unique football club, many millions were invested, so why Rabiot wants out? It’s certainly not about money. The player is  the manager’s 5th choice, thus giving him very little playing time; if he wants  to progress, then the only  way is out and a new club with better perspectives.


Will he take the same decision as former Manchester United’s player, Paul Pogba did? He left the club for Juventus and became not only a first choice player, but also a valuable member of France’s senior national team. The next Euro 2016 Cup, will take place in France and every french player dreams to participate. More playing time, could guarantee a place in the french team and the possibility to show his talent on an international level.

Last week, Rabiot’s agent has opened discussions with AC Milan; another Italian club, La Roma is equally interested. England’s Premier League clubs, Arsenal and Tottenham are on this transfer, too.

Adrien’s Rabiot contract ends June 2015;  if PSG want to make some money and because of UEFA’s ban, it’s very important-they’ll have to sell him before the end of this summer window. The price should be between 10-15M Euros and therefore quite expensive for the Italians. (Editor’s note: Roma’s French manager Rudy Garcia, keen to have the player if the price is right)

Is the player England bound? The price wouldn’t be a problem neither for Arsenal or Tottenham. Arsenal is leading the race, though; French Manager(Arséne Wenger) ! Well; it will be neither of them!

After ruling out Arsenal’s bid and as Roma  didn’t meet the price (15M euros) set by Paris, the player will stay in France till January 2015, then he’ll be free to joint the club of his choosing. Bad business for PSG !

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