Meet the man who scored 21 times in one game: Yanick Djouzi Manzizila

zzzzzmandzila-r473-st.ir3-_t600A new record for the Swedish football: Saturday, 9th August, Manzizila, a 25 years old striker, scored 21 times, for his team Kongo United FC against Balrog Botkyrka Södertälje. The game , (9th  no professional Swedish Division) ended  by the local’s team thrashing  30-0.

This result had some unexpected consequences; Balrog’s both Players and Management, utterly gutted, decided to withdraw  from the Swedish League!  Will this decision affect the record’s ratification?

The former record, 60 years old,was detained by AIK ‘s player, Jim Nielsen,  18 goals during a game finished 33-0

Since Balrog’s retirement, the situation gave some headaches to the records deciders.  Reuters Agency, report that with the club’s retirement the  final score will not be ratified, but Manzizila’s record will be. Good news for Kongo’s United FC President Tonton Zola Moukoko. ” We had a good laugh, after our opponents withdrawal, he said, what a funny story!”


When asked  about this incredible feat, the player was calm and decided to think positive:”there’s nothing more to do, he said, but I’m still happy to be the new recordman. The 21 goals won’t be added in my 58  but I’m hoping to score others and reach the magical number of 100″  

Good luck Yannick !





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