David Luiz, is the new Parisian, but Di Maria won’t be one!



The former Chelsea player, was presented to the international press, by PSG’s president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, not at the Parc des Princes, but in a posh Parisian hotel near Les Champs Elysées. The Brazilian, stayed in his country after the world Cup, to recover  this big disappointment,  with  his family.

We’re very proud to welcome the best defender in the World” declared the Quatari president ; indeed PSG paid almost 50M Euros to have him paired to Thiago Silva and create the most famous defensive  duo! 

The newcomer will wear the number 32 on his jersey; is he disappointed not to wear his lucky no 4 ? ” No, I’m not, he said, I had the no 23 when I was playing with Benfica; its the same number inversed.I hope to get remembered in Paris as 32 as I was remembered in Benfica’s 23″

  He also answered the critics about the defensive errors during the Word Cup:” we played two difficult games and if the competition hadn’t ended so early, nobody would ask this question. But of course we need to think and learn about what happened; anyway that doesn’t put in jeopardy our defenders talent and quality.”

Here’s what he said about his association with Thiago Silva: “ We’re great friends, we played  together  for many years and we don’t need to speak , to understand each other. A  mere glance, it’s  all it takes.”

His reaction about Jose Mourinho, his former coach’s comments about the player’s lack of skills? “I would be surprised if he said the contrary; I don’t care,  from now  on, I’ll be listening my new coach’s, Laurent Blanc, comments,  the only ones that count.”

The new Parisian, also talked about how happy he was to live in such a beautiful city, as Paris  and be a part of PSG’s ambitious projects.

This press conference finished by President’s Nasser Al-Khelaifi scoop: “ I’ve talked with Real’s Madrid  Florentino Perez and we decided to stop the negotiations about Di Maria; the price was too high.” Too high for PSG’s ambitions and billionnaires Quataris owners? No dice, UEFA  and Platini’s fair-play rules  are the most possible culprits !












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