After 3 years of bianconera supremacy, what to expect in Serie A ?

After spending three years with Antonio Conte on the bench, the bianconero fan  in me forgot  joyfully,the meaning of the word “defeat”.  Now, with the boss gone, what 2015 will  bring to us ?

Conte’s exit,  was a surprise because the problem seemed solved weeks ago, but  also seemed really obvious. He asked for Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, he got the overestimated/injured Alvaro Morata ; he asked for a decent preparation in summer, he got a  bizarre tour in Ocenia to meet the fans and had to stay in Turin before that … But most of all he saw an opportunity that looked even more important than the Old Lady’s well- being to him, La Nazionale ! Anyway, in 24h Massimiliano Allegri was taking his place, and he’s set to have a tough job to do.

Will next season be much more exciting than the 2013/2014 one ?

Juve have had probably, the worst preparation compared to the other big teams , but among all the issues I mentioned about Juventus, they’re still the more serious contender for the title. The team is strong and very compact; Allegri will have a harder work with the fans than with the team itself, for except Conte, they  lost  none of their qualities over the past years.

Next on the list, La Roma. Best manager of Serie A in my opinion (Rudy Garcia), great new signings strategy ( Juan Manuel Iturbe, Ashley Cole, Davide Astori…) and a strong , motivated team from last year’s achievements, already composed by great players like Gervinho or Miralem Pjanic and with legends as  Daniele De Rossi or Franc’sesco Totti.

”’ ”’  Iturbe with his brand new shirt. 30 million euros.

The third serious candidate for the Scudetto is Napoli. Their Summer’s Window, isn’t that impressive but the team seems to finally take shape after three years with some mistakes and big sales that prevented them from being serious contenders  as Juve and Roma. Rafa Benitez is an experienced manager, and they have some very good players that can make the difference like Marek Hamšík or Lorenzo Insigne.”

Then, there’s Milan. I’m not sure of Pippo Inzaghi’s  qualities as a manager; I don’t see how  he can be better than Seedorf, anyway. Milan is  the kind of team, where  good  players become stars and  stars become  average players. Kaka is both, and now that he left the club again, he shouldn’t come back, he’s really bad  . They have some great transfer objectives but none of them is feasible, because Menez and Alex don’t count,  if I may say so. I don’t think they will impress us but it’s football and therefore impossible to guess the future.’

”’  g” ‘ ”  ””” Pippo Inzaghi.

Still in the same city, L’ Internazionale,  have made a more intelligent recruiting from my point of view (Yann M’villa, Nemaja Vidic, Dodo) and they already have a good-looking team with  experienced players helping the youngsters and they can totally pretend to be on the podium this year.

We should never forget Fiorentina, lurking in the shadow as usually. They have Vicenzo Montella, Giuseppe Rossi, Mario Gomez, Alberto Aquilani, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (or the money he’s worth anyway). I put them last in this piece, but not last in  my mind. It’s always the team you forget until they  beat all the League’s big  shots  and then you remember who they are. Oh… and they DON’T have Matri anymore, that’s a good point.

Matri after a miss.

The list doesn’t end here; they’re other interesting teams like Torino, Genoa or Verona, all of them able to be  this year’s big surprise ! We’ll see, it’s just the beginning ! Which club do you favor for this season’s Scudetto ?

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